Gates & Fencing

Gates & fencing come in all different designs and materials. The pictures below are just a few of the different gates & fencing that we have manufactured in-house. Any of these designs can be customized in any way to accommodate the exact look that you want.

New Gates & Fences

At Imperial Garage, we understand that horizontal gates are more than just a barrier between your property and the outside world. It’s a safety component and an important design element that impacts your home’s curb appeal as much as your landscaping.

If you’re “on the fence” about which type of gate or fence to choose for your property, our team of gate and fencing experts will be happy to guide you through your decision.

Types of Gates

Imperial Garage offers a variety of gates including vinyl gates, aluminum gates, single swing gates, and double swing gates. Whether you’re looking for a more modern gate or something that has a vintage aesthetic, we have the gate you need to match the style of your home.

Different gate materials and styles offer different benefits. For instance, vinyl gates offer homeowners plenty of privacy while also delivering a sleek, modern gate design. Aluminum gates are stronger than vinyl and will last for decades, but offer less privacy.

If you’re not sure which type of gate is best for your home and lifestyle, feel free to ask our team. Imperial Garage is always happy to help.

Types of Fences

There are many different types of horizontal fences you can install in your yard. The type of modern fence you choose will play a key role in your home’s exterior design, but it will also provide your home with greater security.

Imperial Garage understands that new fences, whether they’re vinyl fences or aluminum fences, will affect your sense of home. That’s why we offer many different yard fencing options so you can find the fence that speaks to you.

Ready to look for a new fence or new gate for your yard? Imperial Garage is here to help. Contact us today about our fences and gates.