Insulation Retrofits

Insulation Retrofits

Older homes face a couple different challenges when it comes to insulation. Before 1976, insulation was not required in homes. Therefore, many homes are not insulated properly or they or not insulated at all. There have been many
advancements in insulation methods which has greatly increased the demand and efficiency of insulation.

Homes with old existing insulation face a couple different problems. Overtime the insulation tends to settle, which reduces its effectiveness. Insulation over the years usually gets very dirty, dusty, and infested with rodents and insects. It is recommended to remove and replace this existing insulation. A high powered vacuum machine is used to vacuum the old insulation. It is then replaced with new insulation, usually blown in or batt insulation. Your energy bills will reflect the work done in your home making it a very cost effective project.

4 Benefits Of New Insulated Garage Doors

Are you struggling with being too warm in your home during the summer and too cold in the winter? The insulation for new construction of your custom-built home was professionally installed before you moved in, but you just can’t figure out why your climate control isn’t right. Your garage door may be to blame. Garage doors that aren’t insulated and installed properly can cost you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. Here are four benefits of having new garage doors installed.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Your garage door is one of the largest entryways of your home. Every time you open the door, you allow the outside air to flow in. This can significantly impact the energy needed to maintain the proper temperature of the rooms closest to your garage, which increases your costs. Having a new insulated garage door installed will increase the energy efficiency of your home by preventing air from escaping to heat and cool the garage.

Peace And Quiet

Insulated garage doors are often quieter than non-insulated ones, which means you won’t disturb anyone if you leave early for work or come in late. The new insulation dampens any vibration and keeps out noise from outside. If you notice any rattling, you may want to have your tracking mechanism inspected by a professional.

Safer Storage Protection

Cold temperatures and extreme heat can affect many of the systems in your car, causing it to break down faster. It can also affect the condition of stored paints, fertilizers, and cleaning supplies in your garage. Moisture buildup can ruin clothes and photographs you may have stored in the garage. A properly insulated garage door can prevent all of these things from happening./p>

Long Lasting Durability

Accidental damage from children, pets, cars, or the weather can cause your door to malfunction. Insulated garage doors provide extra reinforcement with several layers of insulation, aluminum, and steel. These extra layers make the garage door more resistant to damage and keep your garage warmer.

Insulation Installation From Trustworthy Professionals

At Imperial, we can help you choose insulation for new construction or provide insulation retrofits for your existing home and garage. We have many styles of garage doors for you to choose from. Contact us today to receive a free estimate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have and choose the option that is right for you.

Replacing Air Ducts

Similar to insulation, older air ducts tend to deteriorate reducing the effectiveness and efficiency. Many old ducts have holes them, leaking the air into your attic and not your home. These ducts should be removed and replaced. This will increase the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

New Construction

Insulation is now required for all newly built residential and commercial buildings. Imperial offers competitive and professional work with excellent service. Call today to schedule a free estimate.